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Freight ship loading cargo

Need help with air and sea freight?

If you do, contact the experts at Brown’s Cargo (Europe) Ltd. Based in Dartford, we operate across Europe and worldwide with a wide range of clients.

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International air and sea freight

Brown’s Cargo (Europe) Ltd has more than 40-years of experience in air and sea freight, working with companies to route consignments across Europe and worldwide. We have an exceptional team at our base in Dartford, who can take care of everything for you, arranging the safe transit of your goods.


We have the necessary contacts and skills to effectively manage your air and sea freight, including the necessary Customs Clearance duties at all major UK ports.


If you are an importer or exporter looking for a reliable transportation partner, just get in touch.

Excellent reputation

Fully trained drivers

More than 40-years of experience

Cargo ship

The ideal transportation partners

  • More than 40-years of experience

  • Member of the British International Freight Association (BIFA)

  • 100s of international air and shipping contacts

  • Dedicated agents at Heathrow

  • Excellent communication throughout the process

Expert help and advice

International air and sea freight is complex, but you are in safe hands with Brown's Cargo (Europe) Ltd. We will undertake all the necessary Customs Clearances at major UK ports and offer full assistance and support with Letters of Credit and Consular documentation as required. Our experts have a wealth of industry experience and will assist you every step of the way to effect a smooth journey for your consignment.

Freight loader
shipping container being loaded onto a lorry


We offer a choice of carriers dependent on the urgency of your consignment. Arrange your air and sea freight by calling the team at Brown’s Cargo (Europe) Ltd today on 020 8320 7511 or complete our contact form.

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