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Cross trade transport services across Europe

Brown’s Cargo (Europe) Ltd can help with moving freight from A to B, where neither location is in the UK. We work across Europe, contact our experienced team in Dartford today.

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Experts in cross trade freight

If you run a company that regularly deals with importing and exporting items, you will appreciate there are occasions when you need to move something from A to B and neither location is the UK. Since we have left the EU, companies increasingly need this as a way to reduce their transportation costs, and it is something we excel in.


Brown's Cargo (Europe) Ltd is an independent company with more than 40-years of experience and a fantastic network of agents in Europe, making it ideal for dealing with cross trade transport services. If you would like to arrange the delivery of items from one country in Europe to another, just give us a call.

Cross trade transport services

Anywhere across Europe

Great network of agents

International goods concept

Keeping freight moving across borders

  • More than 40-years of experience

  • Member of the British International Freight Association (BIFA)

  • We can arrange deliveries between any European countries

  • Integrated transport solutions

Where we operate

Here at Brown’s Cargo (Europe) Ltd we utilise our core partners’ key services to offer cross trade transport across Europe. Whether it’s moving A from Germany to Switzerland or B from Portugal to Belgium, we’ll be able to find a cost-effective transport solution. We utilise road freight and can if required manage cross trades by sea and air.

Cities connected with lines
shipping container being loaded onto a lorry


Our cross trade transport services can save you money. To discuss your requirements and arrange a delivery or collection, contact Dartford based Brown’s Cargo (Europe) Ltd by our contact form or call us on 020 8320 7511.

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